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Having had a break from Tipping outside the main season I have been keeping a close eye on what is happening on Twitter. I must say I find much of what goes on in the "Tipping world"  sometimes is quite annoying and frustrating to me.

Obviously I can’t follow and keep track of the thousands of Tipsters on Twitter but from the sample I’ve looked at there are a few good honest tipsters, there are some average ones and the vast majority which clearly have no more insight into betting than any normal man on the street.
Whichever Tipster you follow you need them to “add” value to a bet. In other words simply tipping Real Madrid, Barcelona  and Juventus in a win treble at combined odds of EVENS is not in itself a useful tip as anyone could pick that I guess?

There are different categories of Tipsters as follows:-

Now I'm not saying the Tipsters should not be rewarded for their time and expertise(if they have any expertise!), but the whole Affiliate thing stinks to me. Lets explain briefly how it works.

Affiliate tipsters earn up to 30% commission on your losses if you signed up to a bookmaker via an affiliate link. These payments to the Tipster are made on ALL your losses whether they were tipped or not and continue for YOUR entire lifetime of betting. 

Although there are some (very few) decent Tipsters who are affiliated it doesn't take a genius to work out in most cases its in THEIR interests for you to lose money and therefore can you trust their bets???

They have even got cleverer at signing up punters by adding betting links to recommended slips (to save you the time of adding the bet yourself!). What that does is affiliate you to them and they start earning money from your losses. AVOID!!!!!

Many Tipsters go down the VIP route whereby they charge a fee for providing their tips. This is a much more preferable arrangement than affiliation in my view. However, again they must give added value and a proper service to their members eg value bets and overviews of why they have chosen that particular bet etc etc

The most annoying trend in this market is "Tipsters" who come onto twitter have a few decent winning bets then immediately go VIP. These tend to be "Inplay Tipsters" who deserve a whole article to themselves!!!


If ALL Tipsters were honest and transparent, then you would easily be able to pick a decent Tipster. There are people out there who provide "Independent" reviews of "Tipsters" which can be useful , the reviews realistically show you what you should look for in an ideal world. However, If they do the following its highly likely  they will get a good review if they don't, its unlikely they will:-

Profit and Loss full including ROI % Profit, preferably with a spreadsheet of all bets available

All slips backed by Tipsters (even if its only a small stake)

All slips shown before AND after the result WIN or LOSE

A clear consistent strategy with no chasing losing bets

Bank roll management of one type or another

Positive interaction with followers and other decent Tipsters

No constant moaning about losing bets