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As most of you are aware, due to personal circumstances I have not been tipping on Premium Profit for some time now. 

Please accept my apologies to any paying member, of Premium Profit, but at least you have still been receiving tips on that page via @MOTM Tips. This is one of the advantages of having two separate tipsters on one page.

I would also like to make clear that during the period I have been away I have not received a penny from memberships either new or renewals.

I have not offered any memberships personally during this period. It is also a fact that when I was last tipping on there I informed @MOTM that I did not want any memberships sold in my name (or receive any money for memberships) that extend past the end of the current football season. Hence the last offers I was actively involved in selling were memberships only to the end of season. A "seasons pass" if you like.

The reason for this is since the moment, a few months ago, I became aware, that in May and June 2019 I will be living temporarily in France I did not want to promise memberships in my name when I knew I would probably not be able to fulfil my end of the deal. My sincere apologies to anyone who signed up on any longer term deals including my tips, prior to me knowing my future movements. 

I will return to tipping on Premium Profit from 1st December 2018 hopefully until the end of April 2019 as long as personal circumstances allow. As I am away in May and June 2019 at least and the domestic season has finished it is most likely I will not return then until the end of August 2019.

My feelings are that at that stage I will most probably revert to my own page Jaguar Tips solely, or give it up, but that is far from certain currently.

Good luck to everyone with their betting and my apologies again to paying members who have missed a couple of months of my tips. To be completely honest I am only returning now as I want to try to honour paying memberships the best I can and be as fair as possible.